Desk Top Planner
Desk Top Planner
Desk Top Planner

Desk Top Planner

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I bet you’re too busy.


Too busy to check in with yourself.

Too busy to decide how you want to feel.

Too busy to remember how much water you’ve had.

Too busy to find your note book to brain dump your fab ideas.

I get it. I really do. We’ve all got 100 things happening all at once. And that’s exactly why I created this new product!


The 3 Moons Desk Top Planner


It’s the sidekick to the superhero (which is you btw 😉). Right by your side, always has your back. This lifesaver will ask:


how do you feel?

how do you want to feel?

only 3 more cups of water?! Let’s do this!!

what’s your affirmation for the day?

your ideas are the best! Get them on paper!


“Less mindless hustle, more mindful magic”


Does this resonate with you? Do you need more practical magic in your life?

-50 tear off pages 

-100gsm paper

-A4 sized 

-100% Aussie designed and printed!! 
(in fact 3 Aussie businesses thank you for this purchase!)