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Scorpios are born 23rd October - 22nd November

Scorpios are funny, witty, caring and loyal. They can appear to be very hard but once cracked open are as deep as the ocean. If you reach that level with a Scorpio prepare to have your mind blown!

White Travel Tin Candles

- burns for approx 25 hours (when following our candle care tips)

Each candle has one of the following decorated on top

- Amethyst, calming, de stressor, peaceful

- Red Jasper, courage, strength, relationships, masculine 

- Moonstone, feminine, intuition, new beginnings 

- Black Tourmaline, protection, leadership, releasing of negative energies

- Green Aventurine, manifesting, gratitude, balance, creativity

- Clear Quartz, clarity, fresh energy, spiritual growth, cleansing

- Rose Quartz, self awareness, love, deep healing, family + relationships

- Botanicals, pink salts, a mix of dry petals and sage